One Minute Saree - How it works

The One Minute Saree starts as regular 6 - 9 yard saree.  The saree is tailored for the iconic front pleats and secure waistband which takes out most of the complications in wearing a traditional saree.   A saree can be worn in over 100 different ways, the sarees we show are in the basic popular draping called", however you can drape your saree in any style you want that has front pleats - go ahead and make it your own!

how to wear a one minute saree


1) Choose your One Minute Saree Size

Once you have selected the saree of your choice, select

a.  WAIST SIZE - your waist measurement for sizing.  Most women wear their saree along their lower waist right below the belly button,  the the area below your natural waist, above your hips. 

b. HEIGHT - Let us know your height so we know how long the saree should be, waist to floor.

* Note the One Minute Saree comes with a petitcoat /slip layer built in so no need for an additional petitcoat. 

2) Choose your Drape:

Choose your Draping Style:

a. A Free Flowing drape over the shoulder for the Diva in all of us


b. A Pleated drape for a kempt look


3) Choose your Blouse Size & Design

Every One Minute Saree comes with the option for matching blouse.  You can choose your blouse size corresponding to your bust size.  Our standard blouse is a sleeveless, V-neck blouse, with front button enclosures.  The saree blouse will be in a fabric matching the saree. 

Blouses can also be made in custom sizes and custom necklines and sleeves.  For this please choose the option for "Custom Size" "Custom Size" - after placing your order we will contact you for your specific measurements.

3) Place your order!

Once you have made the above selections the hard part is over!  Your Saree will arrive in 10 to 14 days depending on where you live.