About Us

OneMinuteSaree.com is founded by Sasha R., the Co-Founder of Karmaplace.com, a US-based marketplace website for vendors from India to sell their products internationally.

In her words:

“The concept of OneMinuteSaree.com came about out of necessity.  I had pretty much vowed to never wear a saree again after my last experience wearing one at my cousin’s wedding.  Despite spending over an hour to get the saree on and just right, a half hour in the car and handling a 4 year old in one hand and a 1 year old in another, the saree was a mess.  Frequent trips to the ladies’ room and lots of pins and help from Auntie’s saved me for the night.  As gorgeous as it looked at first, I vowed to never wear a saree again.   “What a shame I thought, sarees are so elegant and beautiful, but maybe not worth the hassle for me.”

Fast forward a year later, on a trip to India, a colleague experienced a similar problem when her Mother in law insisted a saree to her brother in law’s wedding… the solution came about – “One Minute Saree”!  I was MINDBLOWN by the prototype and the ease of wearing this saree.   'The rest of the world needs to know about this!'  I said to myself…. And now here we are!"