One Minute Saree® celebrates Women’s History Month 2023 with a unique opportunity for you to make a bigger impact. Your shopping will support women and girls in need as this charity of women’s health and empowerment. Let’s say you are shopping for Indian sarees at and we make a donation to Akshara Centre which in turn helps those in need in terms of their cause of education, rights and health.

 Akshara Centre is an NGO based in India that has been working towards women empowerment for years and it has made a grand impact in the City of Mumbai. This Women’s History Month that is corresponding to International Women’s Day on March 8 is all about honoring the lives of women and their contribution in the historical events. Every year on March 8, International Women’s Day is celebrated to highlight women's rights like reproductive rights, gender equality, feminist movements and the whole spectrum of violence and abuse against women.

This International Women’s Day, One Minute Saree® brings to you this one and only Women’s day offer to make a special change in someone’s life. Women’s day special offers would be showering everywhere else but One Minute Saree® presents you a special and warm opportunity to make an impact directly. Learn more about this collaboration with Akshara Centre further ahead. Shop traditional Indian sarees as ready to wear sarees all this month and celebrate International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month in the most unique way than ever before.



This Women’s History Month 2023, One Minute Saree® is in collaboration with Akshara Centre i.e. an NGO based in Mumbai, India. One Minute Saree® has vowed to make a donation on each and every order placed on from around the globe. Let’s make this movement much bigger with your small support to Akshara Centre this March 2023.

 Over the past 2 decades, Akshara have engaged with economic and social empowerment with underprivileged young women. 5000 young women have been able to access educational scholarships and employment along with interactive and intense life skills and legal rights information. Social empowerment is complemented with economic empowerment so young women can break out of the cycle of poverty.

 Akshara also works with young underprivileged men in low resource colleges to support this empowerment by being Gender Champions. 25,000 youth have been trained and carry out campaigns and safety audits for the prevention of sexual harassment which reach large numbers of local people.

 Besides ground level community based work, Akshara takes empowerment to the level of the neighborhood and the city. Akshara has done extensive work to make Mumbai gender inclusive and safe for women. In collaboration with the police, we helped in setting up the emergency helpline 103 for women, children and the elderly for the prevention of violence. To make commuting free of sexual harassment, we tied up with the bus and train authorities, to train conductors and railway protection force and women squads. We teamed with the Municipal Corporation to establish a Gender Resource Centre. Our latest intervention is in the Mumbai Development Plan 2014-34 to include reservation for various amenities through a chapter on Gender and in setting up an Advisory Committee.

 It is Mumbai based with national and international networks. Akshara has been on the Civil Society Advisory Group of UN Women since 2013 and is an active organizer for World Social Forum and One Billion Rising campaigns.


Throughout this month of March, as you go on shopping, we will make a donation on order placed till March 31st. One Minute Saree® in collaboration with Akshara Centre brings to you an opportunity to directly support women empowerment. Make a big difference with small steps towards women’s health, education and rights in today’s society.

 If you are thinking to make a special donation in this charity for women’s health and empowerment, kindly proceed as follows:

 Make a Donation:

or write them at 


 Akshara creates gender oriented educational material online certificate courses on violence against women along with manuals and training material videos and documentaries.

 Akshara provides scholarships for education, training in life and technical skills, and job placement for socially and economically disadvantaged young women between the ages of 14 and 20.

 Akshara trains young men to become supporters of gender equality and take up personal and social action

 Akshara lobbies with the State: In the city, we lobby with the police for a better emergency helpline for women.

With the Municipal bodies for open spaces and safety of women.

With public transport authorities for the safety of women.

AKSHARA joins in networking with city based and national women’s and other groups for legislation and policies.


One Minute Saree® celebrates Women’s History Month throughout March 2023 to make you aware about women’s issues. Therefore, you can donate to support women empowerment as this is a charity for women’s health in India that offers grassroot solutions to women and girls in need. Shop Indian sarees at One Minute Saree® and we donate a portion of your purchase amount to Akshara Centre. In this way, you are making a major impact to make a societal change that unravels many struggles and tries to attain every woman's goal.

 One Minute Saree® is a revolutionary evolution of Indian sarees into ready to wear sarees for girls and women of all ages. It allows them to save precious times in the entanglement of saree draping. Saree draping with a One Minute Saree® is completely easy as it takes only three steps to drape a saree - wrap it, attach the buttons and throw the pallu over the shoulder. This ease and comfort for every woman around the world should be extended towards every aspect of their lives and thus, Akshara Centre is your perfect medium to make the societal transition happen in the right way.




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