How To Wear Saree Skirt

Saree Skirts by One Minute Saree® is a blend of versatility and style tailored for the modern woman who appreciates the beauty of sarees but prefers a more comfortable alternative.
Designed for the cosmopolitan lifestyle, these saree skirts are perfect for Mehendi events, semi-formal occasions, or festive gatherings. They pair seamlessly with tanks, crop tops, jackets, or vest coats, offering a chic and elegant look. Crafted from authentic saree fabrics, they embody authenticity and charm.

Step-by-Step Guide for Wrap Around Saree Skirt
  1. Hold the skirt behind with the inside facing your back. The waist ties should be on either side.
  2. Wrap the skirt around your waist snugly, ensuring it completely encircles you.
  3. Take the ties from both sides and tie them together securely at the back of your waist. You can tie them in a bow or knot depending on your preference.
  4. Make sure the skirt feels comfortable and secure. Tuck in any excess fabric into the waistband to keep the wrap neat.
  5. Complete your look with appropriate crop top, jacket or waist coat along with stylish footwear and accessories that complement the style of the skirt.
Step-by-Step Guide for Adjustable Saree Skirt
  1. Begin by pulling the skirt up from the bottom to your waist, making sure it sits comfortably.
  2. Position the elastic part at the back of your waist for optimal comfort and a secure fit that contours to your body shape.
  3. Adjust the strings by tightening or loosening them as needed, then tie them securely.
  4. You have the option to either leave the strings hanging loosely for a casual look or tuck them neatly inside the skirt for a tidier appearance.