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Firstly, wishes you a Happy Navratri with the blessings of Durga Mata, may your Navratri festival be spent happily with family and friends. Shop all sarees in Navratri 2022 Colors as every color comes with new glamor and over the top, the fabric and embroidery brings out a new creative aspect within your personality. Shop our bestsellers like sequin saree before each new piece gets sold out. Find out which color to wear in Navratri as per your next Navratri colors 2022 guide coming up ahead. Whether you decide green from Navratri colors 2022 guide or whether you want to drape some classic orange sarees from our Navrtari colors 2022 guide to all colorful sarees just for you, everything gets comfortable with a One Minute Saree.


The story behind celebrating the nine nights of Navratri festival goes back to eons as the worship towards Maa Durga is done every four times in a year. It is done in order to re-emerge the powers of Durga Mata and let this world be away from violence as she comes to protect her world. In this navratri festival, all nine forms of Mother Goddess Durga are celebrated and each Goddess represents a manner of life that all of us should embody to cultivate our lifestyle and in order to attain salvation.

Navratri is a way to celebrate, worship and experience the power of Mother Earth and all her forms. It is believed that all nine forms of Maa Durga survey the planet on that day and protect each of their respective aspects. Navratri Colors 2022 are somewhat derived from the stories behind all nine forms of Parvati. Goddess, Shailputri, Goddess Brahmacharini, Goddess Kushmanda, Goddess Skanmata, Goddess Katyayani, Goddess Mahagauri and Goddess Siddhidatri are the nine names of Devi and each of them has a day in Navratri 2022.

USA Navratri 2022 is also a grand celebration away from India where everything related to Navratri celebration is done like Navratri garbas, navratri sale, navratri fast, navratri story, etc. Navratri 2022 is going to be a grand event as the Navratri Colors 2022 are already out and so many of you have already started shopping for colorful sarees as they have already decided which color to wear in Navratri. You need not worry as is having a curated collection of Navratri saree in our Navratri sale section so it becomes easy for you to select sarees wearing for Navratri.


The 9 days of Navratri have 9 colors and they are as follows - White, Red, Royal Blue, Yellow, Green, Gray, Orange, Peacock Green and Pink. Now you must check out our Navratri online shopping offers on Navratri collection 2022 where all curated sequin saree, leheriya sarees, traditional sarees, bandhani georgette sarees, orange sarees and rest of nine colors sarees are listed just for you. Make your selection and submit your body measurements so we can start our production of custom-stitching to your Navratri sarees ready on time so you can dazzle Navratri 2022 colors while doing Navratri garbas and Navratri aarti in USA Navratri 2022 celebration.


white sarees

As it is universally known that the color white represents joy and enthusiasm. It overall sends off the sense of enlightenment of beginnings of something new and refreshing. This Navratri 2022, the color White falls on day 1 and it is a good day to wear a white saree to portray your sense of purity and happiness. Navratri fast starts on this day and thus, white is all about the new sunrise that everyone is expecting. Shop beautiful white saree from as it comes on the first day as per Navratri colors 2022. Sequin saree in white or bandhani georgette saree with white patterns are some of our customers' beloved sarees ever.


Red Sarees

Red is the color that offers vibrancy for everyone and thus, on day 2 of Navratri colors 2022, the color Red is about celebrating the growth, fertility, and nature in its whole essence. Drape a gorgeous and lustrous red saree made with sequins and leheriya style. Red saree is one of most adored nine colors sarees for USA Navratri 2022. If you are ever going to drape a navratri saree, you should not miss out on draping a red saree and get it custom-stitched from and get exclusive customer support. Experience Navratri garbas while draping a red saree that you can proudly say you shopped online from Navratri Collection 2022.


Royal Blue Sarees

Royal blue color is the Day 3 color on our Navratri Colors 2022 Guide. A beautiful sequin saree made with stunning embroidery and royal blue color is perfect for a Navratri celebration. Get your Navratri Saree Colours 2022 on and get it delivered at your doorstep whether you are living in New Jersey, Austin, Seattle or even Hawaii. We ship everywhere in the United States and we offer exclusive discounts every festive season.


Yellow Sarees

Navratri shopping will remain incomplete if you are not shopping anything yellow from the Navratri Sale. Experience saree draping for this USA Navratri 2022 and get your One Minute Saree now. Bandhani saree in yellow looks very natural on any woman and it is the color of free spirit and joy. This yellow saree is even famous during Chaitra Navratri and also yellow is quite often associated with Navratri fasting. Navratri 2022 USA colors are complete with radiant colors and blissful shades ranging from enriching royal blue to joyous pink.


green Sarees

Wear your natural beauty in a green saree on this USA Navratri 2022 celebration as everyone gathers together to play Navratri garbas, raas garba, dandiya and other acts amongst all. Shop discounted deals on this Navratri Sale across all the shades of nine colors sarees and wear your pride with Navratri 2022. Shop Navratri colors 2022 sarees with exclusive custom stitching just for you. Green sarees can be quite beautiful with sequins as they shimmer in the dark.


Grey sarees

A color that stands out completely with the beauty is color gray or grey and thus, grey sarees are perfect to shop online with us as only here you shall get the best of traditional sarees made for you. Shop leheriya sarees in grey and traditional sarees in grey. Shop USA Navratri 2022 sarees from us and get exciting offers made just for you. Out of the range of nine colors sarees, a grey saree literary leaves its own significant mark and thus., grey is the color as an answer to your question when you ask which color to wear in Navratri.


Orange sarees

Navratri is the festival of colors and every day has shades of color palette associated with it. Shop beautiful traditional sarees online with classic custom-stitching from as you will be dressing finestly for your Navratri garbas and dandiya. Navratri orange sarees are some of the most cherished sarees on and leheriya sarees in orange are the most beautiful flared pattern for dancing garba. Get your traditional sarees in orange from India only at for this USA Navratri 2022.



As the peacock dances in the rain and makes it feel like nature is enhanced with its dance. The color peacock green in the Navratri colors 2022 is all about engaging everyone in the crowd once you drape a peacock green saree. Peacock green is the color of every Navratri story where Goddess emerges victorious and today, everyone drapes this color peacock green to bring out their true self and to live their life with confidence. Shop Navratri 2022 Colors sarees with a wide range of leheriya sarees, sequins sarees and other traditional sarees with a touch of modernity by making it pre-stitched.


Pink Sarees

As everyone knows pink is all about enhancing femininity and making yourself more beautiful. Be beautiful with a pink saree that you will shop online for this USA Navratri 2022. Out of all the 9 days of glorious Navratri, pink color on the ninth day makes it even prettier. Draping a pink saree and not getting proper pleats can be an issue as your beautiful pink saree will not so much be pretty anymore. Shop beautiful pink sarees that are easy to wear and pre-stitched so that you can easily drape it during Navratri festival.


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What are the Navratri colors 2022?

White, Red, Royal Blue, Yellow, Green, Gray, Orange, Peacock Green and Pink are the Navratri colors 2022

Where to shop online nine colors sarees? is your very own online Saree store to shop online nine colors sarees whether it is a white saree, royal blue saree or red saree or if you are shopping a whole range of royal blue sarees, yellow sarees, green sarees, grey sarees and orange sarees.


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