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Readymade saree is the latest innovation in the traditional Indian saree that the whole world is familiar with. Saree has been an Indian heritage that is worn for more than centuries. It is a classic piece of ethnicwear from South Asian culture that has become so popular worldwide in today’s time. Ready-made sarees have simply added a whole new twist to the original art of draping. You can easily wear a readymade saree in less than a minute and thus, we call it a one-minute saree.

The Saree collection across every store in India and abroad is as huge as an ocean. From designer sarees, cocktail sarees to Bollywood-style sarees, and most importantly wedding sarees are some of the most selling sarees everywhere. Even ancient texts from the Indian subcontinent clearly mention this garment known as a saree. Indian goddesses are shown wearing a classic saree in paintings and murals.

All About The Classic Saree

Originally, a sari or saree is a long piece of garment that varies from approximately 3.5 yards to 9 yards in length. However, some sarees could require different dimensions for a variety of draping styles. Saree is an ethnic garment that is worn by women in the nations of India predominantly but also in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. Nowadays, a saree has gone global through globalization and migratory routes of South Asian-origin diaspora.

A saree is generally a two-piece fashion outfit that includes a blouse and a long garment that is wrapped around to form the pleats and drape that is called a saree. Every state in India has a unique and ethnic style of draping a saree that will keep you mesmerized for years to come. Saree has maintained its cultural stand as a garment for married women throughout the ages but today, it can be worn by a young woman and other girls of different ages.

It is said that there are almost or even more than eighty ways to drape a saree. At a basic level, a saree can be styled by simply wrapping around your waist while keeping the loose end of the garment draped over the shoulder. A matching or contrasting blouse is worn along with the saree. Sarees are fabricated from a wide range of fabrics - cotton, silk, art silk, chiffon, crepe, georgette, jacquard, khadi, etc.

However, this saree is unstitched and you would need to pin it by yourself and make the pleating with proper folds. Lastly, put around the drape over the shoulder. It is universally known that draping a saree is a hugely difficult task and it becomes a bigger mess if you fail to do it graciously. As if you are wearing a saree you always have to look perfect and graceful. Girls always learn how to drape a saree from their mothers or grandmother in any household. It sometimes takes several moments to achieve that perfect way of draping.

You need not worry anymore about learning to drape a saree. It all has become easy and convenient as if you just need to clip it, drape it and you are just ready. Let’s check out how is it actually possible -

Hottest Trend In Fashion - A Readymade Saree

A readymade saree is a stylishly stitched saree garment that is as easy as to simply wrap around your waist. Then pin it and simply drape the pallu over the shoulder. Pleats are already stitched in a certain pattern that they look like proper folds that one does manually. The pleating pattern can vary as per the design but this saves so much time for a woman. You would only need to look confident as worries of draping a saree are solved by a readymade or stitched saree.

Ready-made saree or one-minute saree surely saves so much time that you could utilize it to do make-up properly and arrive stylishly at your destined event. It is highly beneficial for a woman who is working professionally to have no moment to spend on such a time-consuming task of draping a saree.

At the start of the 20th century, the phenomenon of readymade saree began and it slowly took the world by storm and now everyone is demanding to shop for a ready-made saree online or in-store. However, not many stores offer this type of saree but so many online shops sell one-minute saree. You must keep in mind the stitching quality and fabric material as many fake materials and techniques are used to fabricate such a type of ready-to-wear saree.

If you are planning to buy a stitched saree for your convenience, you must explore as we are dedicated to export genuine and high-quality readymade and easy-to-wear sarees directly from India. We have experienced designers and tailors whose craftsmanship would keep you in awe for a long time after you wear this one-minute saree.

It is entirely customizable and you can buy it as you want it. Customization affects the shipping time of the product but you will receive a classy saree to show off. You can select your waist size, the length of the saree, and the way you want to drape the saree. You can even opt for a blouse design from several choices. Sleeve lengths can be chosen as well as the neck style.

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Occassional Saree

At, you can buy a readymade saree with filters of occasion, fabric material, and trends i.e. the style design. Bridesmaid, cocktail, casual, festive, and wedding sarees are the best-selling occasion-based one-minute saree. They are gorgeously curated and designed as per the occasion and their overall impression of your personality.

We are making it very easy for you to shop according to a specific occasion. You can now quickly select the saree of your choice from our collection of one-minute sarees for occasions. Our collection is ever-expanding and we are surely going to add more occasions where you would want to drape a saree for standing out in the crowd.

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One Minute Saree Fabric

Fabrics are ever-growing for a saree to be made of. Silk and cotton are the most popular fabrics used to craft out a saree. However, many modern and fusion fabrics are nowadays used to fabricate a beautiful one-minute saree. Georgette, crepe, dupion, and several other new fabrics are utilized.

This collection will help you to shop for the most suitable fabric for your style. Even if any fabric is unknown to you, we will make it convenient to explain the fabric and its design aspects. We are always trying to make readymade sarees of the most unique fabrics that are rarely found in this category.

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Trending Saree Online

In recent times, floral embroidery, ombre, organza, sequins, net, satin and many more design styles are fabricated over a saree. Easy-to-wear ready-made saree can have all kinds of designs that you see in unstitched saree. Over the years, so many designs have been implemented on typical sarees from every region of India. Now it is possible to have similar trends on a readymade saree as well. We have smartly stitched such saree with proper pleats and a pallu style. So now you can shop for your favorite design without worrying about failing to drape such a saree.

There remains no major difference between an unstitched saree and a one minute saree. Only one aspect that remains distinct is the easiness to wear the saree in less than a minute with just attaching the buttons and draping the saree.

Now you know all about this globally sensational phenomenon is readymade sarees and how you can easily shop now at directly from India.

Lets have recap of what we have discussed till now, It is very quick and easy to wear a ready to wear and one minute saree as follows -

Step ONE - Attach the buttons after wrapping around your waist.

Step TWO - Drape the pallu of readymade saree.

There is no next step as you are stylishly ready with your traditional attire with a modern twist of readymade saree.

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