As all the women of the world know the saree is the best women’s fashion ever. In this pride month of June 2022, let’s appreciate that saree can be a perfect pride month clothing for pride 2022 irrespective of gender, ethnicity, sexuality, race, caste, class, color, etc. Saree has been the most preferred and beloved feminine staple for ages and today, the saree has transcended the boundaries of gender and sex, so even those who identify as male can also drape a saree to flaunt their beauty at the pride parade. 

Pride fashion is all about making a strong self-affirmation about one’s identity on a major societal platform. Sarees have been such unisex clothing for a long time that in the previous century, the way men used to wear pleated dhoti and the way women wore pleated sarees had no difference. Even though the fabric pattern had so much of similarity, it was the colonial impact that drew a major line between men’s clothing and women’s clothing. 


what is pride

Pride is about the celebration and self-affirmation of all sexualities apart from heterosexuality as well as all genders apart from the binary world. The world becomes much more colorful in this pride month 2022 as the rainbow colors become the representing colors for this pride march that takes place in different cities across the world. On June 28, US Open Pride Day is celebrated with so much joy and many more colors all across the streets of major cities like you must go and see pride day Denver or pride day los Angeles or pride day new york. 

Today, there are more social media influencers like James Andrew Leyva aka Drag Queen Valentina, Hollywood celebrities like Billy Porter, singers like Harry Styles and so many more who are helping to make cross dressing a more comfortable way to dress for men. So who knows very soon we might see a very popular celebrity man in saree or more men in saree

Pride Fashion

This sensationally controversial pride march began with the stonewall riots of 1969 at a gay bar of Manhattan, New York where the LGBT community revolted against the police raids after suffering so many previous raids where they faced beating, abuse and injustice. Today, the pride march has spread all over the world and it has helped so many individuals and nations to have open discussions of other genders and sexualities. 

Today, pride fashion has become a political statement for portraying an outrageous and non-heteronormative visuals for society. In this way, pride fashion or gay pride outfits pave the way to make a difference by making the LGBTQIA+ community more visible and vibrant for society.  


However, even today if you see men in saree, it does portrays an offensive persona for so large number of population but slowly and steadily the world has been changing and the concept of cross-dressing is being more visible and accepted across all the mediums of society. Pride women’s clothing as well as pride men’s clothing can be a saree and it can be theirs too who are non-binary. 

Cross Dressing

Cross dressing has been there for ages but for men to cross dress has always been a taboo and this pride revolution since the stonewall riots has made a bigger difference. Back in India, the concept of crossdressing was obligated to the male actors who portrayed female roles in theater industry where on stage, men used to wear beautiful jewelry and sarees to enchant the audiences and so was the great Balgandharva who engaged its viewers with his female persona.

Saree comes with that grace and style that makes it worthy and fruitful for anyone who drapes it. It has been ages that men and women both can crossdress and feel themselves as they want. In order to know how to cross dress as a woman in saree, those men can simply drape this easy to wear One Minute Saree for celebrating the pride month.. 

Obviously, not all gay men like to cross dress like a women for pride fashion but there are some who prefer to become a drag queen now and then. Even some have a unique drag name for their alter-ego. Sarees can be so much in fashion if it takes the storm of dragging and for sure, all the fans of popular drag queens would love these one minute sarees here. 

Let’s discover a whole new world of colorful rainbow sarees at One Minute Saree is an easy to wear style of custom-stitched saree that comes with pre-pleating and stitched drape or flowing drape as you want them. You can simply mention all your requirements of sizes, design, etc while placing the order at and shop more designer sarees online USA like nowhere else. 


pink saree

The most feminine color of all has now emerged as a gender neutral color and it has made its way back to the mens clothing. A pink saree is the perfect pride month clothing for this year. Today, LGBTQ clothes are made in these for so many reasons as it suits across the gender spectrum as well as the sexuality spectrum. A net pink saree will be perfect as well as sensual satin pink saree would be a dreamy attire ever. 



Red is the hottest color as we know it and so a red saree has the purpose to make a bold statement. A red saree is suitable for parties and after party occasions and thus, pride celebrations would appreciate a red saree as a pride month clothing. One minute saree makes it easier to drape a saree and therefore you can gorgeously drape it easily. 



Orange is a very warming and appealing color for gay pride outfits and all the pride clothing and accessories are thoroughly designed in this color. Amongst all the major saree collection, an orange saree is perfect for a professionally formal occasion but if you can preferably dazzle it up then it could suit well for the US Pride celebration.              



Yellow chikankari saree is a must-have for this June Pride Celebrating and all the yellow saree have that upbeat vibe that no other color can express. Silky soft cotton yellow sarees or maybe those shimmering sequins yellow sarees are the perfect go-to saree colors for your next unisex clothing. 



Green saree is all about the wholesome appeal that your personality will express for this US open pride day and this green saree would be the perfect pride month clothing that you can ever dream about. One Minute Saree will help you get into a saree very quickly and let yourself flow in a sensuous and politically strong saree.  



Blue saree is soft yet strong and it has already transcended the fashion industry all over the world. Today, it is a dominant color in transgender fashion. A blue saree is quite simple and yet poses itself quite strongly and thus, it is suitable as a pride month clothing. Sequins blue saree, net zari blue saree, or a cotton blue is quite high in demand this Pride sale 2022 at One Minute Saree. You must explore the curated collection of one minute sarees now and get the best deal right away!

You can discover beautiful and designer sarees online USA like a pink saree, red sarees, green sarees, blue saree, and so many more colors from the rainbow spectrum. From sequins saree in red to a stunning yellow satin saree, all colors are made in a customized stitching method so that everyone can drape a saree in less than a minute. Even men can wear such one minute sarees quite easily and thus, this perfect opportunity of One Minute Saree PRIDE MONTH SALE will never come back as it is offering flat 10% Off on all sarees with an exclusive coupon code. 


Do men wear sarees?

Yes, today after a wave of popular celebrities wore sarees for stardom events. It has become quite normalized for current media to accept the men in saree as a general case. Sarees have always been a gender-neutral garment as it has been used to drape dhotis for men and the way pleatings have been done are mostly the same. 

Where can I buy custom-fit sarees online?

One Minute Saree is about customized stitching of beautiful traditional sarees into easy to wear that makes it easy for men to drape a saree as well. 

Which is the best pride month clothing?

As a typical Indian, you might be willing to drape a saree as a pride month outfit. Therefore, we are recommending you to drape one minute saree as the best pride month clothing for both men and women. 

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