PONGAL FESTIVAL 2023 Your Complete Guide

PONGAL FESTIVAL 2023 Your Complete Guide


Just another name for the harvest festival in India is Pongal 2023. It is basically celebrated in the name of welcoming the Sun to offer more warmer days after a long winter. It is the celebration of winter solstice as the wintery days end and more warmer days begin with Pongal 2023. It is the time when the Sun enters the northern hemisphere. Pongal Festival 2023 is a three-day festival wherein each day has specific significance i.e. Bhogi Pongal, Surya Pongal and Mattu Pongal. A fourth day celebration is also observed by some Tamilians known as Kanum Pongal.

On this day, women drape a special saree and get adorned with jewelry to worship the harvest and welcome the Sun god. Saree draping has been a tradition in the whole of Southern India where this Pongal Festival is widely celebrated. OneMinuteSaree.com is introducing a specially curated collection for Pongal Festival 2023 to bring forth the warmer tones of Indian saree for celebrating the Winter Solstice 2023.

On this day, the household women along with their family clean up the whole house, the entire house is decorated with garlands and the gods are worshiped at home. Famous pongal recipes are cooked for the whole family. Pongal dishes such as ven pongal recipe, chakkara pongal recipe, sakkarai pongal recipe, bhogi pongal recipe are cooked and loved by everyone. 


All these traditions are generally observed in rural areas of South India. Today, Pongal 2023 is celebrated with much easier rituals and simple Pongal recipes to cherish with the whole family. Still, Pongal 2023 in USA will always have sweet pongal recipes like ven pongal, sakkarai pongal, pongal kolam and chakkara pongal dishes for everyone. It remains a staple food for Pongal celebration.

Pongal 2023 is a festival observed by Tamilians of India and Sri Lanka. It is a famous folk festival that has been celebrated for centuries. Today, Tamil Americans also observed this festival with pongal recipe, pongal saree, pongal rangoli and offering pongal greetings to their loved ones. However, in the United States, you might not be having your grandma to teach you how to drape a saree so OneMinuteSaree.com is presenting you a saree revolution where you can drape any saree in less than a minute.

Every Pongal saree is available to be custom-stitched based on your body measurements. Pongal festival 2023 will be a celebration like never before as the whole world will witness the charm of One Minute Saree. OneMinuteSaree.com is offering a big discounted deal on the occasion of Pongal Festival 2023. So you better get ready to shop Pongal sarees now in the USA from India and get free shipping now.


When is Pongal 2023?

Pongal 2023 date is January 15th and it is celebrated as a three-day festival so it ends on January 17th.

Where to shop Pongal Saree online in USA from India?

Shop the best discounted deals online on Pongal sarees from India only on OneMinuteSaree.com where every pongal cotton saree, Pongal silk saree, Pongal chiffon saree is easily customized and get free shipping now.

Who celebrates Pongal 2023?

Pongal 2023 is celebrated by the Tamil community in the Indian State of Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka.


For Pongal 2023 celebration,  OneMinuteSaree.com brings to you a perfectly designed range of embroidered, embellished and printed sarees. Shop your favorite chiffon sarees, silk sarees, cotton sarees, art silk sarees, kalamkari sarees, casual sarees, sequins sarees, and much more as a ready to wear saree with exclusive custom-stitching options. Shop ready to wear sarees to celebrate Pongal festival 2023 and make this harvest festival more special to you no matter where you are. Celebrate this Pongal Festival 2023 with special pongal sarees shopped from OneMinuteSaree.com with free delivery. Get exclusive discounted deals valid for a limited period.

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