OneMinuteSaree.com wishes you a very Happy Republic Day. This year 2023, India celebrates its 74th Republic Day on Jan 26th. India became a republic nation by adopting the newly drafted Constitution of India and replacing The British Crown as head of State with the creation of Office of the President.

OneMinuteSaree.com brings to you this wholesome informative blog to make you understand about the Indian Republic Day. Republic Day of India is a national holiday all over India. Republic Day parade in school are held throughout the nation just like the Republic Day Parade at Kartavaya Path around India Gate.

India’s cultural, traditional and defense organizations are presented in grandeur through the Republic Day Parade. India’s Republic Day is a huge deal for every India as the nation’s pride is strengthened and deepened with every next regiment marching through the India Gate. No matter where you are in the world, you must feel this level of heritage and pride and thus, OneMinuteSaree.com brings to you a big collection of India sarees to make you feel at home.


India was under the British Empire for more than a century. It got independence after two World Wars devastated Earth. The British Empire withdrew from India granting us Constitutional Monarchy with the British Crown as Head of State. However, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar drafted the Constitution of India under a dedicated committee. This Constitution of India was adopted on November 26th, 1949 and it came into full effect by 1950 on the day of January 26th.

Thus,Republic Day in India is celebrated on January 26th when the influence or partial rule of the British Empire ended completely. To highlight this day with immense pride and significance, today, it is celebrated as Republic Day on every January 26th. Thus, Republic Day celebration is such a big deal for every Indian whether you are in the United States or Canada. Shopping for an Indian saree from OneMinuteSaree.com will bring you much closer to the Indian heritage of sarees that has been worn by women for so many centuries on the Indian subcontinent.


Army, navy and airforce makes a dashing appearance on the Kartavaya Path’s celebration of Republic Day. This year 2023, on the 74th Republic Day of India, the President of Egypt is going to be the chief guest of the ceremony. He will also bring forth his army contingent of 120 army men as per the Indian newspapers.

Every State Government has their own tableau on presentation for celebrating Indian republic day. It showcases the current year’s goal of every state and union territory. If you check out the Indian republic day parade on television, you can simply get immersed in the tableaux of various States, UTs and Departments of the Central Governments.

Innovative and newly created defense ministry machinery is also put on display to showcase the nation's strength in terms of armaments and militaristic preparations. The unique arrangement of Air Force planes in the sky above India Gate is a visual treat for everyone’s eye and it will be no different on this 74th Republic Day of India.


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Orange Saree

It is actually the saffron color on the tricolor that represents the strength of Indian people. Shopping an orange saree as a republic day outfit to celebrate the 74th Republic Day of India would highlight your personality and its inner strength. Get the best discount now on any orange saree made with art silk, cotton, chiffon and sequin fabric.

White Saree

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Blue Saree

The dharma and peace is represented with the color blue in the Indian flag of tricolor. Shop blue saree online now to represent the calmness within the Indian motherland. Drape a blue saree for celebrating the 74th RepublicDay of India. Make your saree more unique with custom-stitching options now available on OneMinuteSaree.com along with custom saree blouse designs.

Green Saree

Green becomes the growth and nature’s symbol in the Indian flag. Beautiful cotton sarees in green or dazzling chiffon saree in green is a must-have on this 74th Republic Day of India. Celebrate this Indian republic day event in the US by shopping heritage Indian sarees only on OneMinuteSaree.com


What is Indian Republic Day?

Indian Republic Day is the day of 26 January when India became a republic by adopting the Constitution of India and replacing the Crown as head of State. On January 26, 1950 - India became a Republic state and so, this day is celebrated as Indian Republic Day all over the world.

When is Republic Day of India?

Republic Day of India is on January 26th every year.

Where to shop Republic Day outfits in the USA from India?

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