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Festive Collection One Minute Sarees

It is that time of the year and all you gotta do is dress up yourself in gorgeous ethnicwear and get ready for the best festival of the year. Diwali - the Indian festival of lights is here to get you immersed in the world of positive and spiritual energy and where everyone is simply together sharing the care and love for each other. On top of that, if you have a readymade designer saree, you can get ready in no time so that you can cherish every little moment of joy and laughter.

Ready to wear saree is the latest trend at a global level for every woman. Indian women have been draping sarees for a very long time now and it has become a great heritage property and culturally relevant garment. Draping a saree has been an art of styling and it has very unique patterns of making pleats and styling your saree.

Bollywood  sarees, festive sarees, modern sarees are some of the latest saree collections that are always sought after by majority of the buyers during festive shopping either online or in-store. Readymade designer sarees are available to be shopped online but there are very few who sell perfectly stitched sarees according to your given measurements. And at the same time, shipping the saree directly from India to anywhere in the United States.

Welcome To The World Of One Minute Saree

Introducing One Minute Saree to the ones are still new to this revolutionary innovation. It is a very well known process of stitching together the pleats and drapes in such a way that all you need is just to attach the buttons and simple drape over the shoulder. All kinds of sarees like silk sarees, cotton sarees, khadi sarees, chiffon sarees, georgette sarees, etc are converted on our stylish staple of one minute sarees for your convenience.

Bandhani, Kota silk, kalamkari, block prints, floral prints, bhagalpuri, and many more designs can be found on various fabrics of this readymade designer sarees. Our tailors and designers back in India, elegantly stitch this fabric and make a perfect and guaranteed to fit sarees just for you.

All you have to do is to select from our exclusive and ever-expanding range of ready to wear sarees. Then assign your size requirements to us and complete your payment. Later, we are there to take care of all the stitching, packaging and delivery of the product to your  doorstep anywhere in the United States of America.

Payments can be done in many methods as we have tried to make this experience to be achieved by anybody willing to try out this innovative readymade saree and get the most of their shopping. We are humbly looking forward to sharing this one minute saree trend to each and every individual beyond the Indian community and across every corner of the world.

Here we go, presenting to you the best and most shopped one minute sarees in our festive collection…


Zari Silk Saree Collection

This is a perfect blend of ethnic design work and trendy colors as the color of wine is beloved by everyone. It is a classy shade of purple but towards a colder tone. The embroidery of this saree is very delicately done in the shapes of flowers and leaves all round the border. The petite flowers surely stand out over this wine color very gracefully.


Woven Silk Saree Collection Online

Linen sarees are forever favorites for festive occasions and a readymade design saree in the woven linen fabric is so pretty to look and touch. The block in a toned down palette looks very subtle yet beautiful for a simple get up during festivals.


Designer Georgette Saree Online

Presenting the lustrous sea green one minute saree with floral print pattern made on georgette silk. It also comes with shimmering sequins for an alluring effect. Floral prints have been around for ages but a good balance of such design on a saree is very rarely seen and this saree completely stands out of all.


Woven Art Silk Saree Collection

A solid plain color and a petite jewelry get up is something that's very rarely anyone can achieve. This pink woven art silk saree is completely in solid color with a blouse in contrasting color. Although, at a closer look a symmetrical and linear design is much visible but that is in a very lighter golden and shiny color.


Organza Silk One Minute Saree

Net organza silk is quite a seductive garment for any person and this one minute saree that is actually a readymade designer saree in this fabric is a high fashion look for an everyday woman. The blouse comes in a dark color that shimmers brightly over the entire saree. Red color is always so full of grace and attitude that reflects your personality.


Cotton Art Silk Saree Collection

We have already gone through the floral print sensation and how that is loved by so many women around the world. This cotton art silk saree is bold in orange with large floral prints in colorful but very similar to the orange tone. It surely brings out the smile within you whenever you put your gaze over this saree.


Abstract One Minute Saree Collection

As if the floral prints weren’t gorgeous enough but we also have beautiful and funky abstract printed one minute sarees. Try out your best look with bohemian and ethnic jewelry over this pretty looking readymade designer saree which actually has a very feminine touch. This finely represents your quirky personality and you absolutely find contentedness with this saree as this expresses your aura at the best. 


White One Minute Saree Collection

Sarees in white and another pastel color is a great trend in the southern Indian communities. However, this trend has gone beyond the limits of regional boundaries and now it has become a worldwide phenomenon of dressing a simple dual tone saree for festive occasions.


Readytowear Saree Online

Black color is not often worn by Indian women and especially for sarees, it is seen to be worn for very few occasions. However, black blouse and a warm colored saree is a good combination to try out during festive occasions. Such readymade saree is so convenient to drape over and get yourself ready before time.


Black One Minute Saree Collection Online

Let’s dig into an entirely black readymade designer saree. Although, this saree doesn’t have a complete black look but multiple shades of black and thus inclining towards greyish tone. Easy to wear sarees in this color palette are very beautiful and minimalist in look. Shop this and style with silver drop earrings for a peaceful look.

One Minute Sarees will soon become a worldwide revolution in sarees and Indians living anywhere in the world would surely want to go and try it out. It saves so much time making pleats, using the pins and draping perfectly. There is always another woman helping another who wants to wear a saree.

One Minute Saree helps you so easily to get dressed without anybody’s help and you can rely on yourself. These sarees are so much easy to wear all you have to do is to attach the buttons, and drape without any pins or any confusion over pleating. Shop your favorite readymade designer saree online right away and get the best experience of wearing a saree so easily. It won’t even take a minute to be precise but all your efforts are relieved with this innovation for a good cause and better experience.

Now simply enjoy your festivals and do not worry about learning to drape or spending too much time on a festive occasion. You will enjoy the festivities as your efforts won’t be paid much on wearing a garment but rather on experiencing its feeling.

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