Mother’s Day is a special day that honors and celebrates motherhood and maternal bonds. It is a day when every child expresses gratitude, love and appreciation towards the woman who has always been in their lives. Don’t you think you must offer her a special gift to recognize her labor of love towards you? Although, no gift in this world would truly be comparable as the right and appreciated value for a mother’s love. However, sending her a special gift would at least make her swoon over your gesture. 

One Minute Saree® brings to you an innovative tech for an all-new saree draping experience. Your mother must be spending so much time on daily chores at home as well as balancing her work life. Why not give her a ready to wear saree that saves her so much time that she can enjoy the saree freely and do all her activities as she desires to do. Shop the best saree for mother’s day with exclusive custom-stitching options available so that you can make your dream ready to wear saree. This ready to wear saree will be the perfect addition on your Mother’s day gift ideas list for this Mother’s Day 2023 celebration. 


Saree love is forever love as it is one of the most elegant and timeless garments in Indian fashion. Sarees have been draped by women for so many centuries across the Indian subcontinent. In India, a saree is not just a piece of clothing but rather a more distinct cultural heritage that has been passed down from generations to generations. 

A specially customized saree gift for mother will be a symbol of her grace, femininity and beauty. One Minute Saree® can custom stitch any regular saree into pre-pleated or pre-stitched style so all you need to do is simply wrap it, attach it and drape it. It is so simple and saves so much time. From a wide variety of saree fabrics to styles and motifs, offers the classic georgette sarees, linen sarees, chiffon sarees, cotton saree and silk sarees at your fingertips. It also showcases an exclusive designer saree collection.

Kanjivaram sarees, kalamkari sarees, tie-dye and many more are also made available with all sizes inclusive up to 7 XL. One Minute Saree® is your true saree draping experience without the hassles and pleating. Your mother would highly appreciate such a thoughtful saree gift for Mother’s Day 2023. In the end, for every woman who is a mother, a saree is the perfect choice that she will cherish for a lifetime. 


A mother’s day saree would be the perfect gift to remember for a lifetime. We are suggesting you some top reasons why a saree (especially a ready to wear saree) for this Mother’s Day 2023 celebration. There are numerous Mother’s Day gift ideas like gifting her a travel voucher or shopping voucher, etc. but a customized ready to wear is something that will stand out from rest of the Mother’s day gift ideas as a saree is a fashion apparel that every woman desires to own no matter what is there in her wardrobe. 

  1. Sarees are deeply rooted in Indian tradition and culture. Every region in India has their own manner of saree draping and styling. One Minute Saree® makes all kinds of saree in an easy to wear fashion allowing your mother to enjoy more beautiful moments. Thus, being a traditional and cultural fashion garment, it can also be modern and quick fashion for your mother for this Mother’s Day 2023 Celebration. 
  2. Saree is a timeless fashion garment and One Minute Saree® is all about making a saree even more special so you can pass it down to anyone in your family or friends. It comes with adjustable buttons so different waist sizes can easily drape this ready to wear saree gift for mother. 
  3. A ready to wear saree is completely hassle-free as there is never a chance to loosen up any pleatings. Your mother can easily carry around this saree even at a busy occasion where she has to move around or maybe dazzle with dancing.


One Minute Saree® brings to you a curated list of sarees for mother’s day gift ideas. All these sarees are exclusively sourced from local designers whose labor of love is visible in the artistry of woven work and style motifs. The following five sarees are some of our bestselling One Minute Sarees that are beloved by our saree lovers. All these sarees are from a variety of designs, patterns and occasions. 

  • Indu Purple Art Silk Soft Handloom One Minute Saree

This the perfect saree for a mother's day gift offering your mother some regal and charismatic vibes. Made with intricate zari and copper zari work over art silk fabric is what makes it perfect being lightweight and still stylish for wedding, party and festive occasions. Buy this handloom One Minute Saree now with a special Mother’s Day offer for a limited period. 

  • Aparna Navy Blue Modal Pashmina One Minute Saree

Embrace nature's beauty in this intricately designed saree on Modal Pashmina fabric with gorgeous floral work. This One Minute Saree is perfect for your mother during special occasions. Make this your Mother’s Day Saree and drape it yourself as a surprise gift to her showing that even you can drape a saree and look phenomenal like her. 

  • Taara Yellow Poly Cotton One Minute Saree

Looking for something more lightweight and feather-like then this ready to wear saree to gift mother is astonishingly perfect. Designed in solid yellow and red colors, this saree is made with Poly Cotton fabric which offers such airy and comfortable feel. 

  •  Devika Pink Tissue Silk Printed One Minute Saree

Experience saree draping like never before with this tissue silk ready to wear saree for Mother’s Day 2023. Made with delicate weaving and floral print with tassel work.   Get this best saree for Mother’s day at a special discount only at and the best time to drape this saree is for traditional or wedding occasions. 

  • Yasmine Yellow Sequin Embroidery Faux Georgette One Minute Saree

Do you want to give her something unique for Mother's Day 2023? A sequin woven is a must-have to do this experimentation. She would fall deeply for its dazzling and shimmering appeal throughout its georgette fabric. This sequin embroidery is something every woman must drape often to be the starlight in everyone’s life. 


When is Mother’s Day 2023?

This year 2023, Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 14. Every year Mother’s Day falls on the second Sunday of May.

What is the best Mother’s Day gift?

Saree is a perfect gift that you can send to your Mother for this Mother’s Day 2023. One Minute Saree® brings to you a custom-stitching experience of any saree so that your mother can have more time to joy and cherish beautiful moments as now she can drape it in less than a minute. 

What is a ready to wear saree?

A ready to wear saree is a stitched saree where pleats are already made and all you have to do is simply attach the buttons or hooks and drape the pallu over the shoulder. This is what makes a ready to wear saree as a perfect saree for Mother’s Day gift this year. 


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