Embroidered Saree

Saree is a most favored fashion apparel for every woman. It is the elegance and subtle sensuality of a saree that attracts all those who wear it and those who get their eyes hooked onto the ones who wear a saree. In all the best varieties of sarees, an embroidered saree is the most elegant saree ever as we would argue. It is highly preferred as a wedding saree due to its classic embellished and heavily embroidered work. Some of the interesting work on this embroidered sarees are of beads and stone work. Even gorgeous zari work is such a classic piece of an embroidered saree.


Saree itself is the most desirable and classic garment for every woman. Saree is a women's fashion garment that has originated in the Indian subcontinent and has spread across the modern world. Today, it can be worn almost anywhere from the office to your niece’s birthday party. Readymade stitched sarees have taken the internet by storm as every young adult can be seen draping a saree in less than a minute and we, at One Minute Saree are making a whole new Saree revolution to bring forward the art and craft of saree draping online.

A saree is a long piece of fabric and it can be draped through pleating at waist and then putting the remaining fabric across the shoulder. Saree is hugely popular across the nations of South Asia like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal. Even all the South Asian diaspora is cherishing the various styles of saree draping and its authentic fabric with wholesomeness.

Saree is worn along with a blouse that is locally known as ‘choli’ and it could sound similar to a Lehenga choli that you shop online but it is quite distinct as it is specially designed for a saree. Some sarees are also worn with a petticoat-like ghagra and those sarees are mostly considered as half and half sarees or there is also something called lehenga saree.

No matter what saree you want to wear, One Minute Saree is a unique innovation of saree draping where you shop online readymade stitched saree based on your given body measurements. We get your perfect saree stitched as you want it and deliver it to you across the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and beyond.


Embroidered sarees could be very good looking for eyes but in the end it all comes down to your comfort. Selecting a saree that gives your overall comfort while wearing as well as enhancing your overall appearance and beauty. Let’s dive into the world of gorgeous embroidered sarees online for a happy shopping experience.


Buy Fabric And Embroidery Online

The combination of silk and embroidered work is so ravishing that one can experience only after draping a silk embroidery saree. Shop now a wide variety of silk sarees embroidered designs only here. There is are even distinct varieties within silk fabric as in chiffon silk embroidered saree, art silk embroidered saree, satin silk embroidered saree, georgette silk, etc. all these fabrics provide different levels of experience and over all these, more embroidery designs are done and they make a silk embroidered saree extra special like no other saree would do. Cotton sarees are similarly shopped online by so many and it is still beloved by all older generations of South Asians as it remains a staple fabric for a saree. Net embroidered sarees give more of a sensual feel among all of the embroidered saree designs. It is the epitome of saree swag and addiction that anyone could have for a s


Shop Embroideries Saree Collection Online

All embroideries hold a specific significance across all regions in India. As we have all known, embroideries are quite distinct from region to region and this uniqueness makes more design varieties on a single fabric. There is Chikankari embroidery saree, phulkari embroidery saree, mirror work embroidery saree, heavy zari work embroidery saree, zardosi embroidery saree, kasuti embroidery saree, and kantha embroidery saree. However, amongst all these, the forever stunning Zardosi embroidery always stands out and thus, it becomes so expensive. Another innovative and eye-catching thing is about the sequins embroidery on a saree that could just end any on-going conversation as their eyes would get stuck on the dazzle of these sequins.


Embroidered Saree For Occasion

Embroidered saree are typically worn during festive and wedding events. Wedding embroidered saree and festive wear embroidered saree are highly preferred. One Minute Saree innovation makes it easy to carry such heavily embroidered sarees for such special occasions with utmost comfort. Embroidered One Minute Saree is most suitable as a wedding saree as it gives prominence to your personality and beauty. Embroidered sarees are so gorgeous that they get so settled in on every occasion, it is just a need to drape well and always stay classy for every occasion. One Minute Saree here for you to make this experience more enriching.

Therefore, in the end once you learn about the fabric and how an embroidery work is done over such fabric. All you need to do is shop for a one minute saree online and start preparing for your special occasion. Here, we tell you how to shop online for a one minute saree.


  1. Search for oneminutesaree.com and explore all the pages to discover something so beautiful that would touch your heart.
  2. After selecting your perfect One Minute Saree, all you need to do is add your measurements from waist size, your height, saree length and your preferred saree blouse design.
  3. Complete your payment process and sit back.

Later, our customer support might call you for additional enquiries of your measurements or maybe even you can call us if required. Our production team would get your saree stitched in the most finest way and package it thoroughly. You would receive your order at your doorstep and then, you can simply flaunt your One Minute Saree to be the starling light in everyone’s vision.

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